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Our Donkeys



DOB: 4/18/1995

Grey Jenny - Mini Donkey

Owner - Road To Independence

​Cameo is the elder of our herd. At 30, she is retired from most of our “On The Road” visits but does make some cameo appearances. She is a quiet donkey and is often our introductory donkey for first time participants.





Chakola’s Nutmeg

DOB: 01/01/1998

Chocolate Jenny– Mini Donkey

Owner - Road To Independence

Chakola’s Nutmeg has taught many individuals about handling donkeys. She often joins us “On The Road” to Nursing home visits, library visits and walks in parades. She has been an integral part of our RTI program since 2011. She has had several foals. Nutmeg was born in CT and is a 3rd generation Chakola’s bred donkey.

Chakola’s Pepper

DOB: 4/22/2007

Black Jenny – Mini Donkey

Owner - Margaret Coulter

Chakola’s Pepper is one of Nutmeg’s foals and a 4th generation of the Chakola's bred donkeys. Pepper started us on our first donkey visits and has never hesitated to go anywhere we have asked her to visit, this includes traveling in elevators. She paved the way for the other donkeys to follow. Pepper has competed at many shows, and you may see her in a parade pulling a cart. Pepper is also comfortable being led from a wheelchair and a walker. She is a treasure.

Chakola’s Pimpernel

DOB: 6/3/2000

Sorrel Jenny – Mini Donkey

Owner Road To Independence


Chakola’s Pimpernel is another founding member of our RTI program. She is a regular part of our farm and “On the Road” programs with Pepper and Nutmeg. She really enjoys the obstacle course and being brushed. She is also a Chakola bred jenny




DOB: 4/18/2007

Grey Gelding – Mule

Owner: Road To Independence


Leonard is a pony mule, meaning one of his parents was a donkey and the other a horse.  He has just enough horse in his make-up that he is more opinionated about his involvement than the donkeys. When he does work with the program, he is always attentive to who is walking with him and slows when necessary. His personality makes him the equine that our participants strive to work with.






Dob: 1/1/2005

Brown Dun Jenny - Standard Donkey

Owner: Road To Independence

Pinata is our newest donkey and as a standard size, is the largest member of our herd. She joined us in February 2024. Her easygoing temperament is making an easier transition for participants from the smaller to larger donkey. She is getting used to our obstacle courses and we hope to bring her to the Newport Farmers Market, and some visits this Fall.

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