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Road To Independence pre-vocational programs include non-riding equine learning, horticulture, agriculture, and community interactions.


Participants in these programs, learn better communication skills, teamwork, increased fine and gross motor skills resulting in improved behavior, respect for other individuals, increase in self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth and the potential for increased involvement within their communities.  


RTI measures the program’s success by the way participants demonstrate their skills and knowledge in the program as well as with their peers, families and community.


We have seen timid individuals proudly demonstrate their donkey handling skills to the public. When we travel to area Care Centers, we witness the joy participants experience as he or she shifts to be the Handler and teaches a resident how to brush the donkey and discusses the individual animal.

"The severity of one's disabilities does not determine their level of potential. The greatest barriers that persons with disabilities have to overcome are not steps or curbs, it's expectations"

-Karen Clay 


Our Mission

Road To Independence is a non-profit pre-vocational training program for individuals with differing abilities. The goal of our programs is to offer meaningful experiences for our participants while providing valuable life skills that can enhance other aspects of their lives.

Our Mission

Our Vision

It is the vision of RTI to provide enriching vocational, artistic, educational and athletic, opportunities for individuals with differing abilities and community members to form and develop relationships both at our Enrichment Center and in the community.  We Dare to Dream of a road to independence for all!

We Need Your Support Today!

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