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Aurora Bakery and Training Program to Close October 27, 2023

Dear Friends of Road To Independence:

After six years of operation the Road To Independence Board of Directors has made the painful decision to close Aurora Bakery and its’ pre-vocational training program effective October 27, 2023. Despite the efforts of our dedicated, qualified, hardworking staff, employees, and volunteers; it is not enough to combat the financial and societal circumstances that are beyond our control. The generous donations, fundraising efforts, and grant monies have not been enough, nor will they be enough to sustain the operation of Aurora Bakery and our training program.

The next level of grant funding to support our training program, the need for certified staffing, the increasing cost of doing business and the unforeseen effects of COVID are greater than the combined efforts that our volunteer board of directors can sustain.

We are grateful for the support of our dedicated employees, volunteers and customers who have helped shape and sustain our vision over the past 6 years. We have created an amazingly inclusive community. While we close one chapter of the Road To Independence story, we remain dedicated to continuing our mission with our Donkey and Farm program with visits, parades and community events, and the Farmers Market.

Thank you for your support and understanding -

Margaret Coulter and the RTI Board of Directors


Road To Independence


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